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  • Licorice Extracts Products
    Licorice extract products can be use in drug industry or food and also can be used in tobacco and industries related to.
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  • Health Effects
    Liquorice-root extract contains the natural sweetener glycyrrhizin, which is over 50 times sweeter than sucrose. This ingredient has various pharmaceutical properties, the most important ones being that it acts as an expectorant and that it increases blood pressure. The latter effect can become significant with a daily consumption of 50 g or more of liquorice candy for as little as two weeks.
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In many countries there is also a product sometimes known as red liquorice.Liquorice is extruded in a way to resemble liquorice strings but made with main flavourings other than Licorice. such as strawberry, cherry, raspberry, or cinnamon.

Similar products have been introduced in a wider variety of colors and flavours including apple, mango, blackcurrant, and watermelon. Twizzlers (by Hersheys) and Red Vines are the best-known product brands of this type in the United States; in Australia they are produced by Darrell Lea and several other companies. The common name for this candy has now become “red liquorice” or often simply “liquorice”.


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